Teotlitan Desk
Desk inspired by the artisan looms used in Teotlitán de Valle, Oaxaca. These looms have been used over centuries to weave blankets, ponchos, carpets, rugs, etc. The "Teotlitan Desk" is a resemblance of these beautifully crafted looms into conventional office desks.
In 2017 I took a trip to Oaxaca Mexico to research and learn about specific techniques and materials used in the state of Oaxaca, Mex. The "Teotlitan Desk" is one of three products I developed as a result of it. Please click on Antonino Loafers or Bartolo Fixture to see the rest of the collection.
The "Teotlitan Desk" was crafted by combining CNC fabrication and conventional woodworking. 

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